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Thrive Flower CBD products are 100% natural to enhance homeostasis in the body as a wellness solution

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The Miracle Wonders of CBD

CBD gives the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) a natural boost in the mind, body, and soul by keeping the ECS in a balanced state of homeostasis. Cannabidiol (CBD) does not have a psychoactive effect in the body unlike THC. Thrive Flower's CBD for sale online is made with all natural and organic Pennsylvania hemp that will ensure high quality and effectiveness.

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CBD is Nature’s Healing Solution

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known more popularly as “CBD”, is one of the most common cannabinoids in the hemp plant. CBD has become researched in-depth and well documented to provide many medical benefits to both humans and animals.

What does CBD Do?

Research has shown that CBD interacts with our body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is responsible, at least in part, for many of the body's physiological processes and responses. These include pain, inflammation, sleep, appetite, mood, anxiety, and much more. The ECS works to maintain and balance between these processes. This is called "homeostasis".

Is Thrive Flower CBD Legal to Purchase in all 50 states?

Absolutely! Thrive Flower CBD for is legal in all 50 states because it contains <0.3% Delta-9 THC.
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Thrive Flower CBD for Sale Online

High Quality Pennsylvania Grown Hemp

Thrive Flower takes pride in working with Pennsylvania hemp farms to support our local businesses. That's why our CBD for sale online is made using high quality hemp that is grown naturally and organically


Thrive Flower CBD is a Philadelphia, PA based company that was born in 2018.  We have always had a passion for cannabis and all the incredible benefits hemp can provide.  We wanted to share our passion and educate our community about how hemp-derived CBD can help them. 


We take pride in providing superior quality CBD products to the community. Our CBD products are made using premium Pennsylvania grown hemp that are not only affordable, but effective. We strongly believe in the beneficial use of CBD as a natural, healthy, and better wellness solution. That’s why all our products are 3rd party tested by the best labs the United States has to offer.
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Customer Testimonials

Haley S.

I use the pet treats for the dogs at my work and they love me for it! I love that Thrive Flower offers third party lab testing for their CBD and isn't hiding behind fake hemp oil products.  Trustworthy CBD is all Thrive Flower Carries!

Topaz C.

I had some of the Bubba Kush CBD flower and the effect was pleasant.  I have chronic muscle stiffness and this hemp flower has given me relief from that tension I carry in my neck and shoulders.  It also gave me a sense of calm and well-being after a particularly stressful day of work.

Dennis C.

I spoke with the owners about my back issues and they took the time to go over every product with me in detail about how it would help my back. I felt comfortable talking to them cause I felt they really cared and wanted to help. Since then I have been getting what I needed online and the customer service has been excellent. This company isn’t some make shift brand that won’t work, this actually does the job. Thrive Flower, thank you for a great experience.

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