1000mg CBD Pain Relief Salve

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Thrive Flower’s Pain Relief Rub may be just what you need to help soothe those aches and pains. The salve is loaded with 1000mg of CBD isolate to help your body fight inflammation, keeping you in peak physical form. A little before or after a workout can help to keep you loose and without inflammation. At a desk or standing all day and your back hurts? A little CBD Pain Relief Salve may be able to help.

More Info on CBD Pain Relief Rub

Beeswax gives the salve its consistency. When applied, the beeswax and shea butter begin to soften allowing you to spread the Pain Relief Salve evenly wherever you are feeling pain or discomfort. The salve is GMO, paraben, and pesticide-free.

Thrive Flower Pain Relief Salve contains a number of organic oils to create the consistency of the salve, the pleasing scent, and to promote wellness. These include jojoba seed oil, lavender flower oil, calendula flower extract, and roman chamomile oil.

When applied topically, CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors only at skin level. The CBD cannot get through your skin and enter the bloodstream. This allows the CBD to act in a targeted area where you need relief the most.

To use, first identify the area you wish to apply the Pain Relief Salve. This could be your elbow, knee, lower back, upper back, forehead, whenever. Next, take a small amount of the Pain Relief Salve, maybe just a fingertip’s worth, to begin. You can always apply more salve if you feel this amount is not enough. Begin to gently rub the salve onto your body in a circular motion. This will help to evenly spread the salve. 

How long you will experience benefits varies from person to person. Usually one application will provide benefits for about 4-8 hours. You can apply the salve “as-needed” or on a consistent schedule. 

As for how long the jar will last, that varies based on how often the CBD pain relief rub is applied and how big an area it is applied to. For example, with daily use, one time a day, on an elbow afflicted with tendonitis, the jar lasts about 1-2 months. 

We suggest keeping the jar out of direct sunlight to preserve the integrity of the oils and extracts inside the CBD Pain Relief Rub. 

Arthritis is a very common reason people choose to use Thrive Flower CBD Pain Relief Rub. Both those affiliated with osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) may find benefits.

Many use it both before and after physical activity such as working out or hiking. Applying a CBD topical before physical activity may help keep your muscles loose. Post-workout, CBD may help your muscles recover so you are ready to go tomorrow. 

CBD Pain Relief Rub can also be useful if you are standing or sitting for long periods of the day. Back pain is common with people who work at a desk or are on their feet all day.

Some users have reported using Thrive Flower CBD Pain Relief Salve to help decrease the intensity of headaches and migraines. The pain and discomfort felt from headaches and migraines can be attributed, in part, to inflammation.

CBD aids the fight against inflammation by interacting with your body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD may help to slow the production of pro-inflammatory molecules called “cytokines”. Additionally, CBD may help to speed up the production of anti-inflammatory molecules called “T-regulatory cells” or “T-regs” for short.

Never stop taking any medications or change your medication dosing before talking with your doctor or primary physician. While CBD may be able to help, it is not intended to replace any essential wellness medications.


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This CBD Pain Relief Rub has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product contains 0.0% delta-9 THC.

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Thrive Flower CBD Pain Relief Rub is a great option for those looking for application on a targeted area on the body. Loaded with 1000mg of CBD, the salve is formulated for on-the-spot application. Gently use the CBD pain relief rub on desired areas for most effective application. Thrive Flower CBD Pain Relief Salve is the go-to natural rub, perfect for your active lifestyle. Vegan, GMO, and paraben-free.

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