CBD Dog Treats

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Thrive Flower’s CBD Dog Treats are a delicious treat that can help your best friend be their best selves. Bark Bark! Each chew (treat) contains 5mg of high-quality CBD isolate so you can provide your dog with a dose that works specifically for them. 

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CBD Dog Treats are made with natural bacon flavor that will entice your pouch to the point of slobber. Expect wagging tails as you bring the bag out! A bag of Thrive Flower CBD Dog Chews comes with 30 CBD Dog Treats for a total of 150mg of CBD (5mg per chew).

Dosing with CBD is unique to every dog and may take one or two tries to find that perfect sweet spot. Factors that may affect dosing include your dog’s weight and how severe what you are trying to manage is. For example, a fifty (50) pound dog probably needs a higher dose than a fifteen (15) pound dog. And a dog with severe separation anxiety probably needs a higher dose than a dog with more mild anxiety. 

We go by the simple saying: Start low and build up slowly. To begin with: 

  • Dogs under 14 pounds might start with ½ a chew. That equates to a 2.5mg dose. 
  • Dogs between fourteen (14) and twenty-nine (29) pounds with one (1) chew which is a 5mg dose. 
  • Dogs between thirty (30) and forty-five (45) pounds, two (2) chews for a 10mg dose. 
  • Dogs forty-five (45) pounds or more, start with three (3) to four (4) chews for a 15mg – 20mg dose. 

Wait four to six (4-6) hours before giving them another dose of CBD. This will allow the effects to fully set in and run their course. It may be helpful to take note of how your dog is feeling (anxiety, pain, restlessness, hunger, energy, etc.) on a scale of 1-10. This way you can begin to develop an understanding of how a particular dose of CBD will affect your dog. If after the 4-6 hour, you feel that a larger dose may bring added benefits to your pooch, go ahead and up the dose. Keep in mind to build up slowly.

For dogs over forty-five (45) pounds, while still delicious and a great way to spoil your dog, the bag may run out quickly to keep up with dosing. If you have a heavier dog, maybe consider Thrive Flower’s CBD Pet Drops. 

There is no upper limit to how much CBD you can give your pooch, but at some point, taking more becomes unnecessary. For this reason, we strongly suggest following the dosing instructions outlined above. Remember the saying “start low and build up slowly”.

There are many reasons you may choose to give your dog CBD Dog Treats. CBD can be helpful to manage your dog’s day-to-day wellness. Managing levels of energy and anxiety is the top reported reason why dog owners give their dog Thrive Flower CBD Dog Chews. Almost as frequently reported is managing levels of pain and inflammation. Other reported reasons include getting restful sleep, quelling any digestive issues, and calming aggression. They can be used on an “as-needed” basis or taken on a consistent schedule. 

Examples of specific situations that CBD may be useful include: fireworks during the Fourth of July or other celebrations, parties with loud noise or a lot of people, trips to the vet, post surgery for pain, overnight stays for anxiety, car rides, nausea or diarrhea, and separation anxiety.

Do not stop giving your dog any medications or change their dosing before speaking with your veterinary professional first. CBD is not intended to treat any ailments, conditions or diseases.

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