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Thrive Flower products have various beneficial effects. Stress-reduction from the CBD Drops, some of the best CBD oil on market, helps many users through the day. The CBD Pain Salve and the CBD Muscle Gel provide topical relief, with a cooling effect, to a wide variety of users from athletes to construction workers to insurance salesmen who sit too much at work and enjoy using CBD for back pain. The CBD Lotion hydrates and can relieve tension when applied.

Some of us even enjoy rolling a joint of some premium flower or puffing on a CBD vape pen to enter into a more calm state. With all these employed people (the workforce is embracing CBD) using CBD, should any be worried about a potential drug test at work?  Many ask, “Will I fail a drug testing using CBD?”.


Will I fail a drug test using CBD?

The short answer is — no.

There are several types of drug tests most employers utilize. The hair test is effective at detecting chronic users. The urine and saliva tests have lower detection thresholds. None of which test for CBD. In fact, none test for THC either! They test for the metabolite of THC, THC-OOH. A metabolite is what is left over after a substance is broken down (metabolized) in the body. The metabolite for CBD, 7-COOH-CBD, is not tested for, by any drug test. In fact it’s legal in all 50 states….


If drug test results are positive for THC, it is because the THC metabolite was detected above the detection threshold. Legally, all CBD products contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. CBD isolate, the purified form of CBD, contains no THC whatsoever. Thrive Flower CBD products have a QR code that users can scan and review the test results. In addition, users can also view the precise quantity of CBD in each product. When buying products not from Thrive Flower, make sure you can view their testing as well.  


When looking at the lab test reports or COA’s, make sure to look at the total amount of CBD and amount of Delta-9 THC.  A lab test report should read the correct amount of CBD as advertised for the specific product.  Then make sure that the Delta-9 THC report shows less than 0.3% in the product.  If the Delta-9 THC is higher than 0.3%, you can risk failing a drug test.


Even with trace amounts of THC in a CBD product, someone would need to use a whole lot of that product to even come close to having enough THC in their system to fail a drug test. Even if you were consuming 1-2 bottles of the best CBD oil ever (…a.k.a.  CBD Drops) everyday, it is unlikely you would fail a test. It might result in a false-positive because other non-THC metabolites are present as well (Leafly). Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest companies to provide lab drug testing, says “CBD itself would not report positive for marijuana or marijuana metabolite” (Quest Diagnostics).


So when you ask “Will I fail a drug test using CBD?”, there is not much of a reason to freight about drug tests when taking properly researched CBD products from a reputable company. Thrive Flower provides users peace of mind with the QR code found on every product. Scan it and view the lab results yourself and then maybe enjoy some CBD Gummies which can help with anxiety.

The testing shows each of our products is below the legal limit of 0.3% delta-9 THC and will not come close to showing on a drug test at those levels. Whatever your choice of Thrive Flower CBD products, rest easy knowing our CBD can help you feel better than you thought you could.

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