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What Is CBD THC Ratio?

CBD THC Ratio Easily Explained


what is CBD THC ratio

What is CBD THC Ratio? by Thrive Flower



The CBD:THC Ratio: What Is CBD THC Ratio, And How Do You Read It? 

The cannabis plant has dozens of unique compounds called “cannabinoids,” but CBD and THC always take center stage. Not only are these two cannabinoids the most abundant in the cannabis genus, they have the most scientific literature backing up their effects. Since CBD and THC take up most of a hemp strain’s chemistry, professional manufacturers, extractors, and cultivators clearly list “CBD:THC ratios” to help customers understand how much of these cannabinoids are in each product

Differing levels of these two cannabinoids can dramatically alter a person’s experience with a hemp tincture, flower, or edible. Therefore, learning how to interpret CBD:THC ratios is critical for new customers in the legal hemp market. Now let’s dive into what is CBD THC Ratio and what it exactly means…

CBD:THC Ratio 101: What Is CBD THC Ratio, And How Do Customers Interpret It?


1:1 CBD THC Tincture

What is CBD THC Ratio: 1:1 CBD THC Tincture from Thrive Flower


As the name suggests, the “CBD:THC ratio” measures the balance of the cannabinoids CBD and THC in a cannabis or hemp product. Unless otherwise stated, the CBD value will always come first in these readings. Reputable hemp vendors should also include detailed third-party lab reports so customers can verify these cannabinoid percentages. 

For example, a hemp flower with a 15:1 CBD:THC ratio means the total CBD content is 15x greater than the THC content. In other words, users should expect to experience a strong CBD experience if they smoke this hemp strain. By contrast, a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio means there’s an equal percentage of CBD and THC. People who use a 1:1 cannabis product will feel more of delta-9 THC’s psychoactive properties than an item with a 15:1 ratio. 

If you see cannabis strains with a “0” in their CBD:THC ratios, that means the amount of CBD or THC is so tiny that it won’t significantly impact the user. For instance, a strain with a 0:1 CBD:THC ratio has virtually no CBD, while a 1:0 product has all CBD.


Why Is The CBD:THC Ratio A Big Deal?

CBD and THC have dramatically different effects on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), so the balance (or imbalance) of these cannabinoids will significantly alter a person’s experience. Most notably, CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, but delta-9 THC has psychoactive properties. Also, many reports suggest CBD blocks the absorption of THC molecules on the brain’s CB1 receptors. The more CBD a cannabis strain has, the less likely people will feel the “high” sensation associated with THC. 

Although some reports suggest that THC has therapeutic potential, not every patient reacts similarly to this cannabinoid. For some people, THC may be great for reducing pain and anxiety, but others may experience adverse reactions like paranoia when using too much THC. Therefore, the CBD:THC ratio helps people understand how psychoactive their strain is, so they know exactly what they’re taking beforehand. If people want zero psychoactivity, they can search for a CBD:THC ratio with virtually no THC. On the other hand, people who benefit from moderate amounts of THC can use these ratios to adjust their experience. 

The CBD:THC ratio helps customers personalize their cannabis experience for different situations and conditions. These percentages can also help new customers slowly increase their THC percentage (aka titration) to increase their tolerance and safely experiment with this cannabinoid. 

How Do People Pick The Best CBD:THC Ratio?


CBD THC Ratio Products

What is CBD THC Ratio: Delta-9 THC Gummies from Thrive Flower

There’s no optimal CBD:THC ratio for every customer. In fact, there may be many “best” CBD:THC ratios depending on a person’s circumstances, tolerance level, and preferred effects. For instance, some cannabis patients use high-CBD hemp products during their workweek to enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid without sacrificing their productivity. However, when people are relaxing at home, they may use a product with a slightly higher THC percentage to experience this psychoactive cannabinoid’s therapeutic potential. 

Generally speaking, if people want a clear-headed and non-psychoactive experience, they need to focus on CBD:THC ratios with at least 15:1 to 20:1. Once these numbers get to 10:1 and below, the influence of THC becomes increasingly noticeable. Any hemp products with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio will likely induce a “head-buzz” sensation, especially if someone has a low THC tolerance. 

For anyone new to the world of cannabis, it’s best to stick with hemp strains with high CBD ratios compared to THC. Since THC carries a greater risk for side effects like paranoia, customers need to minimize their THC exposure at the start and only gradually increase this cannabinoid. While it can be tedious to ramp up THC exposure a few percentage points with each session, this is the safest way to discover whether THC suits your system. Plus, by gradually adding THC to your schedule each day, the body will have an easier time acclimating to this cannabinoid. 

To help discover your perfect CBD:THC ratio, it’s a good idea to keep a “cannabis dosage journal” in a notebook, mobile phone, or computer. Whenever you start taking a new hemp flower or extract, write down the CBD:THC percentage and the amount you took. Later in the day, record any noteworthy experiences on this dose, and keep repeating these steps every time you take your product. After a few weeks, you should know how different CBD:THC ratios affect your body, which will help you pick the perfect percentages for various conditions. 

Find Your Perfect CBD:THC Ratio With Thrive Flower 

High THCa Flower

What is CBD THC Ratio: High THCa Flower from Thrive Flower


On Thrive Flower, you’ll always find a clear CBD:THC ratio by each of our hemp products. Our team strives to offer the best range of CBD:THC percentages to meet every customer’s unique needs. Thrive Flower also sends all of the items on our website to third-party labs for thorough analyses before shipping them to customers and stores. 

For more details on Thrive Flower’s commitment to transparency, check out this page. You could also visit our CBD:THC Ratio portal to find hemp flowers, tinctures, and edibles with clearly-defined cannabinoid percentages. 

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