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can you build a tolerance to cbd
(Can you build a tolerance to CBD by Thrive Flower)

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used as an everyday health and wellness product. Adding CBD tincture to your morning coffee or applying a pain salve to ease your muscles could be the extra step needed to comfortably get through the day. With daily use, building a tolerance becomes a concern for users. Building a tolerance to something means the user needs to take more of the substance to get the same effects as the previous usage. So many people ask, “can you build a tolerance to CBD?”

Regular cannabis users can relate to the tolerance built to the plant’s predominant compound, THC. Cannabidiol is the next most predominant compound in cannabis and the most predominant in hemp.  So can you build a tolerance to CBD? Surprisingly, no, CBD has very different tolerance-forming qualities than THC.


Can You Build A Tolerance to CBD?


So, does CBD have tolerance-forming qualities? No, in fact, it has been shown to be reverse tolerance-forming! With regular CBD use, less of the product may be needed to achieve the same results. Tolerance is a result of three possible biological mechanisms:

  1. Metabolic – The amount of the drug or substance absorbed and distributed within the body becomes less over time, requiring the user to take more of the drug or substance to achieve the same effects.
  2. Cellular – The cell receptors related to the drug or substance being used become desensitized over time or the density of the receptor reduces. Both scenarios result in a weakened response to taking the drug or substance.
  3. Behavioral – The user can get used to the feeling of taking the drug or substance, making it a less profound experience. This is mostly seen with certain psychoactive drugs.

The receptor in your body which interacts with CBD is called the CB1 receptor. Continued CBD treatment does not lead to CB1 receptor desensitization. Which means that the part of your body that interacts with CBD will always receive the full amount of cannabidiol regardless of how much you use. Both cellular and metabolic tolerance mechanisms are inactive with cannabidiol.


Can you Build a Tolerance to CBD: CBD Tolerance Testimonials

Behavioral tolerance is examined through user testimonies. Some quotes include:


“I have been using the same amount of the tincture for 3 months, always the same results.” – Beth M.


“I started with just one dropper [of tincture] each night before bed then I upped it to two because I wanted to feel it even more.” – Mallory W.


“The hand lotion is a daily use product for me. The pain salve I only really use after a workout or weekend activities. The amount I use remains pretty constant I would say. Sometimes some extra salve depending how rigorous the workout was.” – Bobby B.


Our users seem to agree that they can use their Thrive Flower CBD products in an ‘as-needed’ schedule without the need to up the dosage regardless of how regular the product is used. Financial savings benefits as well as medical benefits are good reasons to try some CBD products.

can you build a tolerance to CBD


The key to CBD dosing is called “finding your sweet spot”. You can easily find your CBD sweet spot by starting your dosing low and slow. If you do not feel like effects you desire, slowly increase your dosage each trial until you find what works best.

However, over time, your body will naturally need less CBD to achieve the same desired benefits. This is what makes CBD actually “reverse tolerance”. Normally with cannabinoids like THC, your body will be used to how much you normally consume so you will need more to achieve the benefits you want. CBD is amazing with its reverse tolerance properties because the dosage you need will slowly decrease if you take CBD routinely everyday.

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