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What Are the Differences Between Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil?

This is a topic that has been confusing many of the new consumers in the CBD community.  There are many different companies out there that claim to be selling you CBD oil, but is it actually real CBD oil?  This can be very worrisome because many people are trusting companies that are claiming to sell CBD oil when there is a chance there may be no CBD in their products at all…  So how do we tell the differences of hemp oil vs CBD oil?

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

There is actually a big difference of hemp oil vs CBD oil! Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from cannabis flower and has high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. Most of the CBD products on the market are derived from the hemp plant because hemp is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, hemp oil is made from cold pressed hemp seeds and actually contains zero CBD.  Hemp seeds are a great source of digestible protein and highly unsaturated food oil. The rest of hemp seeds consist of dietary fiber and oil-soluble vitamins.  Both CBD oil and hemp oil are non-psychoactive.

hemp oil vs CBD oil
(Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil by Thrive Flower)

This can cause a lot of confusion when all different types of hemp oil vs CBD oil products are in the market.  Especially to a new customer who has no idea what they are shopping for. There are many hemp seed oil companies in the market who are making their money by scamming misinformed customers that do not know that difference between hemp oil vs CBD oil. They sell their products by advertising their products as CBD or having the benefits CBD can provide. 

So how can you know what products are real CBD products and which ones are just hemp seed oil?  Here is a quick list to go through to know the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil products:

  1. Look at the product label’s wording: It is a good idea to read what the labels say exactly on the products you are shopping for.  Make sure the product you are shopping for has “CBD” actually written on the label and in the ingredients.  The product label could still say something like “500mg”, but it could mean absolutely nothing if it is not specifying that it is actually 500mg of CBD.  If the product packaging has hemp seed oil written on it, it is most likely NOT CBD. This is a key indicator on how to tell hemp oil vs CBD oil.
  2. Look for lab test results: Make sure to look for lab test reports (COA’s) for the CBD products you are shopping for.  There should be lab test results easily viewable on the company’s website, but mainly you want to look for a scannable QR code on the packaging.  The QR code should be able to be scanned and read by any smartphone camera and lead you to the product’s lab test results. If the product packaging does NOT have a QR code, the product most likely does not have lab test results or does not even have the amount of CBD that they are advertising.  If you cannot find any lab test results or QR codes at all, it is most likely NOT a real CBD product.
  3. DO NOT shop for CBD on Amazon:  Amazon does not allow sellers to sell real CBD products on their website… if you try to search for CBD products on Amazon, you will find many results that do look like CBD products.  However, keep in mind these are not real CBD products. The “CBD” products on Amazon are actually just made with hemp seed oil that have zero CBD in them. These are the companies that are making their money by scamming misinformed customers.  They will do everything they can to advertise their products as CBD to trick customers!

If you use this short checklist when shopping for your hemp oil vs CBD oil products, you should be able to sort out the real CBD products from the products that are just made with hemp seeds.  Here at Thrive Flower, we use all natural and organic ingredients in all our CBD products with lab test results. You can find our lab test results in the blog section of our website.

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