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Thrive Flower is excited to now offer CBD Pre Rolled Joints! Each of the CBD Pre Rolls for sale contain one (1) gram of Thrive Flower’s, Pennsylvania-local grown, premium, organic hemp flower. CBD and other cannabinoid levels can reach up to 20% or more! Activate the entourage effect with a premium, full-spectrum, smoke. This states that using multiple cannabinoids together, like with Hemp Flower, can have benefits that outweigh using just a single cannabinoid.

More Info on CBD Pre Rolls for Sale:

Expect the taste of earthy, pine notes with each puff. Those with refined pallets may detect hints of citrus as well. The smell of the smoke follows the taste in having an earthy scent. When grown outdoors, hemp flower picks up the flavors and scents of the  land in the surrounding area.

This is known as “terrain”. So have yourself a puff of SouthEastern Pennsylvania local flavor and find relief! The farmers we work with help support the local economy and are dedicated to their craft. Expect nothing, but the best quality Hemp Flower from Thrive Flower CBD Pre Rolled Joints.

Pre Rolled Joints from Thrive Flower are perfect to take away any stress at any time of day. All the relaxation you could want without any psychoactive effects. When inhaled, CBD and other cannabinoids have a very high absorbency rate. Effects will set in quickly so enjoy!

The CBD Pre Rolls for sale are made by individually removing any stems from the hemp buds. We use a house-blend of Suver Haze and Bubba Kush as the flower for our joints. A rolling machine is then loaded with pre rolled joint cones. The machine evenly distributes the ground hemp flower into the joints creating perfectly weighed, and perfectly rolled joints.

Each pack of CBD Pre Rolls comes with seven (7) Pre Rolled CBD Flower Joints. This can be purchased for $40 plus shipping on our website. The box has a match striking strip on the top for ease of use. Purchases made online will not include any matches with the pack because of shipping concerns.

If you purchase a pack of Thrive Flower CBD Pre Rolled Joints in person at one of our retailers, the pack will include about 10 matches for you to use to light the Pre Rolled Joints.

Having CBD Flower Pre Rolled joints makes it very convenient for you to travel with some smokable CBD flower on the go. You are ready for relaxation at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are. These CBD Pre Rolls for sale do not produce any effects of being “high” as they contain less than the legal limit of 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

To use the CBD Pre Rolled Joints, place the filter end of the joint between your lips. Light a match or a lighter and place the flame to the twister end of the joint to light it. With the flame in place, gently begin to inhale through the joint. Take about 3-5 smooth, slow inhales to stoke the embers at the end of the joint. This will help to evenly light the flower. 

Inhale the smoke deeply into your lungs. You do not need to hold the smoke in. Most (97%) of the cannabinoids have already been absorbed in the first second. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Smoke being exhaled through the nose may sting.

If you do not smoke the entire joint in one sitting, you can gently press the lit end of the joint into an ashtray to extinguish it. A gently twisting back and forth may help speed this extinguishing process along. When you go to relight the joint, it is suggested that you first gently scrape away the burnt end of the joint to expose fresh, green buds.


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Light the CBD Flower Pre Roll at the end of the joint with a lighter. Thrive Flower CBD Pre Rolls come with matches and the box has a match striking strip at the end.  When lighting the CBD flower joint, inhale deep and exhale slowly.  You do not need to hold in the smoke for more than a second or two.

Please Note: Thrive Flower CBD Pre Rolls for sale online will NOT be shipped with the matches the boxes usually contain. This is for safety reason for shipping.


Real Tested CBD Thrive Flower


Thrive Flower CBD Pre Rolls for Sale have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and may cause intoxication.


Packaged and distributed by Thrive Flower, LLC – Philadelphia, PA

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Outdoor Grown, Indoor Grown


Bubba Kush, Suver Haze, Abacus, Sour Suver Haze

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Single Pre Roll, 7 Joint Pack

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