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How to Smoke Hemp Flower

What is Hemp? 

Hemp is just one of the species of plant known as cannabis. The other variety of cannabis you may be more familiar with, is marijuana. You are not alone if you are wondering the difference between Hemp and Marijuana. Legally, hemp must contain less than 0.3% of a specific cannabinoid known as Delta-9 THC. In marijuana, Delta-9 THC (D9THC) occurs in high levels and is responsible for creating the feeling of being “high”.

There are many other cannabinoids besides D9 THC that occur in the cannabis plant as well. CBD (cannabidiol) naturally occurs at low levels in marijuana, but occurs at high levels in hemp. CBD can provide many of the same health and wellness benefits you might associate with marijuana use including: sleep aid, pain management, anti-inflammation, stress and anxiety reduction, cancer symptom management, digestive health, and more!

You may be wondering, “Well if it is so like marijuana, will hemp and CBD get me high”? The short answer is, No. Hemp and CBD will not produce a psychoactive “high”. On that note, we like to mention that not all CBD and hemp products are made equally as well as others. Choose your suppliers carefully. We will discuss this more further along in the article.

Now that we know CBD and hemp will not get you high, you may ask if CBD and hemp will make you fail a drug test. Marijuana drug tests look for the metabolite the body produces after ingesting THC. CBD will never produce this metabolite so it would not trigger a positive drug test. But, as we just mentioned above, choose your hemp and CBD products wisely.

With the passing of the Farm Bill (2018)*, hemp and CBD products are federally legal and available for purchase. Some states have chosen to outlaw specific types of CBD products. Check your state’s laws if you have questions. There are many types of CBD and hemp products including edible gummies and candies, smokable hemp flower and vape pens, topical creams and gels, and oil drops. In this article we are going to discuss how to smoke hemp flower, how much to smoke at a time, and where to find high-quality products.



How to Smoke Hemp Flower

There are 3 ways to smoke CBD hemp flower and these are: joints, glass pipes, and dry herb vaporizers. Let’s take a quick look at each:

  • Joints – A joint is created when you use a joint rolling-specific paper to roll ground up hemp into a cone shape. You want to be careful not to roll either too soft or too hard as this could cause your joint to burn either too fast or not at all. To successfully roll a CBD joint, use a grinder to grind up your hemp flower. Lay your rolling paper flat with the glue side facing up. Now, lay some of the ground hemp flower in a line from end to end on the rolling paper. Pick up the joint with your thumb and pointer finger on each hand. Begin to slowly rub your fingers together on each hand like you are making the “money” signal. When the ground hemp flower has formed into a more solid cone shape, use your fingers to roll the cone of ground hemp to the very bottom edge of your paper. Now, take one end of the joint rolling paper and slowly tuck the paper behinind the cone of ground hemp. Right as you tuck it, begin to roll upwards, encasing the cone of ground hemp into the joint paper. Keep this going from end-to-end then you are ready to smoke!



smoking hemp flower joint
Photo by Dad Grass on Unsplash



  • Glass Pipes – You can pack your ground hemp flower into glass pipes like bongs, bowls, spoons, chillums, and one-hitters.




smoking hemp with pipe
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash




  • Dry Herb Vaporizers – Dry herb vaporizers are considered to be the cleanest way to learn how to smoke hemp flower because there is no combustion involved like when smoking a glass pipe or a joint.




smoking hemp flower with vaporizer
Photo by Cannabox on Unsplash



Some of you may have heard that holding in the smoke after inhaling gets you “higher”. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it does not make you more high. Upwards of 90% of the cannabinoids are absorbed immediately after inhaling.

The feeling of being more high might be contributed to the lack of oxygen reaching the drain while you are holding it in and not breathing. Not only that, but holding it in actually increases the chances of unwanted smoke products like tar being absorbed.* So, when inhaling hemp smoke, inhale deep then exhale immediately.




how to smoke hemp flower
How to Smoke Hemp Flower by Thrive Flower



How to Smoke Hemp Flower: How Much Should I Smoke?

There is no absolute answer to the question of “how much CBD should I take”? There are many factors involved in how a dose of CBD will affect you. Your weight, your metabolism, when you last ate, the severity of what you are attempting to remedy, the potency of your flower, and more all play a role. Not only that, but inhaling CBD has the highest absorption rate compared to other methods of consuming CBD like edible ingestion or topical application.*

To find your perfect dose of CBD when smoking hemp flower, we suggest starting with just a few puffs on your joint, glass pipe, or dry herb vape. Inhale deep and exhale immediately. The effects will set in almost instantaneously. Wait about 20 minutes before taking more puffs so you can really gauge how those first few hits affected you.



Where to Find High-Quality CBD Hemp Flower?

Unfortunately, not all CBD and hemp products are made with the same quality as others. It is important to look for a company’s up-to-date lab-test results which show you exactly what is in the product you are purchasing. Look that the levels of CBD are what is advertised and that the levels of Delta-9 THC are below the legal limit of 0.3%.

Good products will usually have a scannable QR code on the packaging which will take you directly to lab results. Thrive Flower is proud of the transparency we provide to our customers so they know exactly what they are getting when they buy a CBD product from us. If you have any questions, please reach out with our contact form.



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